Why Choose Us?

Why would you want to buy from us? We asked ourselves that very same question and this is what we heard ourselves saying. So here are 8 great reasons to choose Mountain Song Herbals.

We are committed to Service

Happy empowered customers that have the tools they need to implement preventative health and overall wellness in their own home is a huge part of why we are doing this work. Really taking the extra time to connect and share with others; we want our customers to receive the right product not just any product we can get them to buy. Pushing the hard sale is not in the job description at Mountain Song Herbals, and in fact is exactly the opposite of what we are trying to do for our customers.

Simply put; we really actually care about the person behind the “customer”. You see caring for you is incredibly important. Not because it’s good business, well it is good business but for us it’s mainly because we feel that it’s what you do when you care about the people who live in your community. It may seem like a strange concept or even a naive fanciful idealistic way for a business, but we are a part of changing the idea of what business is “supposed” to look like. Caring for one another as we walk in this life is what we feel deep within we are supposed to be doing. So our commitment to the highest quality customer care comes from the heart not from the bottom line or a marketing strategy.

Highest quality and best practice

We are dedicated to consistently offering the highest quality products. I know I know what a broken record right. Nearly every website you look at says the same thing. Well the truth is we are more than committed to high quality. At Mountain Song Herbals we refuse to settle for less. We are constantly researching, learning and improving so that we truly can say we are using the highest qualities which outreach the current market standards of quality. Open a bag of tea or try a product and you have no question in your mind about where we stand on quality. We are deeply dedicated to healthy whole plant extracts and herbal products.

All of our herbs no matter the source are carefully analyzed by our herbalist and botanical specialist using empirical evidence, scientific observation and training that has been passed down from generation to generation by herbalists for thousands of years. Scientifically they call this qualitative observation and clinical experience, and it has been a primary tool of herbalists around the world for centuries.

We select plants that are strong and healthy which are harvested at the times of optimal vitality in the part of the plant we are using. We utilize holistic practices like ethically wild crafting, organic, biodynamic and permaculture principles from seed to processing. Continuously seeking a balance in ecological, social and economic sustainability. We expect a very high standard for any of the raw material we purchase for use in our products.

We purchase certified organic herbs from trusted companies that can provide certificates of analysis and place of origin for each raw material that we are purchasing. We purchase only 100% steam distilled, cold pressed and CO2 extracted, certified organic and therapeutic quality essential oils. All of our carrier oils are certified organic and extracted through cold pressed or expeller pressed methods. We do not purchase any oils that have been extracted by the use of solvent, hexane or alcohol extraction, or oils that have been processed with hydraulic extraction. The alcohol we purchase is also grain free. All of our products are handmade in small batches to ensure quality and consistency every time.

Dedicated to community based wellness education

 Mountain Song Herbals knows how important it is to get out into our communities and participate in the living, learning and play that builds a fulfilling and empowered life. Our commitment to supporting our community to be empowered in health and wellness is at the root of what we do.

We offer a variety of herbal and essential oil workshops, homesteading and nutrition classes, apprenticeships and wellness consultations. Our herbalist Sam offers talks, classes and workshops across the country. We are striving to continue the traditions of Appalachia herbalism in a way that will be passed down to the next generations of homesteaders, farmers, herbalists and families.

We want to help ignite a growing appreciation for the nourishing plant and people relationships that are gifted to us.

Committed to the value of Made in the USA

 Not only does purchasing from a company that hails from your own country save on fossil fuels during transportation to customers; it also helps our national economy. It’s not just from our customer’s perspective but from our perspective as customers of our raw ingredients too. We make high quality USA handcrafted products. We are not only a business operating solely in the USA. We are committed to sourcing as much of our raw materials that go into our products right here in the USA as we can.

So why do we think this is a big deal? With the consciousness of purchasing from a small USA business, we want the currency that you have traded with us for goods and services to circulate here in the USA. We appreciate a world market, we also want to grow our local and national manufacturing of raw products even more. We understand that our purchasing power is power we all have; which in turn helps direct our society in the way we wish it to grow. That is why we are committed to using as much of our own purchasing power here in the USA with companies who manufacture as much of their products in the USA as possible.

We Stand up with Small farms

 Standing up with small farmers as we all navigate a world that is very much into the mono crop GMO massive farming operations is a top priority for us. We also think that it might be a priority for you.  We are committed to continue purchasing and striving to gain as much of our herbs from small family owned and operated farms.

We see that with more diversity in our economic system the greater power both the farmer and the consumer will have. We want everyone to have a voice, to be heard and to be valued for the work that they do. A diverse system of thriving small farms is a great way to help that happen.

Support Sustainability

Sourcing local is not only great for the environment and top quality control measures for a business; it is great for local communities. Our purchasing power means a lot more than most think in this country, and we want to use our power to help small rural economic system and to help other companies see that you can still create fair prices using USA made locally produced products, and still have a competitive edge in the market. Economically empowering the voices of your community by supporting their businesses and their employees is one way we can actively seek to support everyone’s quality of life. We want our youth to know they can thrive in their local communities and find meaningful work. We want people to see and feel thriving small businesses as encouragement to entrepreneurs to start even more local small businesses. We know that supporting local communities will be a positive inheritance for the next 5 generations or more.

Family First

Family First is one of our mottos. At Mountain Song Herbals we understand how important family truly is. All of our workshops are open to families. If requested we can provide child care during a workshop, offer support for people struggling with mobility including parking and restroom facilities that are easily accessible. If requested we are happy to offer a friend to stay with and support anyone who may need accessibility support at a workshops. We encourage breastfeeding mothers to join us and there are plenty of places to step away from a workshop if your little ones or you need a break to rest for a bit. Every generation in a family is a gift and to gather around together to gain deeper relationships with one another, the living plants and animals who we share this planet with is also a gift we want to encourage.

We deeply feel that children are an amazing gift and we have been given them to guide and raise up. Happy healthy children often become healthy adults who often become flourishing elders in our communities. At Mountain Song Herbals this means putting family wellness in high priority, even in the work place. We want to show that companies have a choice; that in the end everyone’s quality of life will increase if we put family first by building our companies in a way that is truly supportive to families that work there.

Family is very central to Mountain Song Herbals and we know that simply by putting family first has created healthier more productive and creative people that help make the workplace a nice environment to spend your time at.  We strongly encourage business to examine how they are or could be more supportive to family, as the wonderful fruits of these efforts are to many to measure.

Earth Friendly Packaging

 Does it matter what we do to our earth? We think so, at Mountain Song Herbals we feel that if you are gifted knowledge and ability to care for our earth in a way that will leave it in a better state of health then when we inherited it; then it is our responsibility to do so.

The beauty is we have a choice, and if we so choose we can leave a wonderful healthy planet for the next generation to thrive on. We also see the value in remembering to first reduce, then reuse and lastly recycle. We do not use earth friendly packaging because it is the up and coming fad in marketing. It’s great that it is becoming that but that is not our reason. We choose to do this because we feel we are here to be caretakers of this planet and the living creatures that live on it. We are not trying to save the world but in our finite lives do our part to care for it as best we know how. So we choose to use packaging that reflects that knowledge and commitment. We primarily use two types of packaging- Reusable-compostable muslin tea bags made with no glues, paper or harsh chemicals and reusable glass bottles and jars. We also use reusable tins, and our shipping materials are compostable, recyclable and made from recycled materials, or they are materials we are reusing from packaging we receive from vendors and in the mail.