Susan F

We received our Tea of the Month package today.  The timing of those particular teas is very poignant for me; thank you.  Tamittica sipped the dragon’s tea and screamed in delight! 
Your teas are transforming, and I have a great respect for them – and you.


Just  got  a bag of  Blue  fairy  at the NC  Ren  faire and tried it  today. LOVE IT!!!! It  tastes  wonderful just like I  was told. Think  I might  be looking in to  others teas from  you  soon.

Kyla Dawn

I recently purchased a detox tea at the Carolina Renaissance Festival and absolutely loved it! Thanks!

Jennifer Chapman

Hi, Sam!

I visited your shop at the Ren Fest this past weekend and loved the salves and herbs that you had to offer. The Chickweed Balm really works for Eczema, and the oil was fabulous for my skin!

Julia B


Sweet Dear, thank you so much for donating tea and helping with the librarian appreciation event!

Much love,


Herbal Baby and You- Thank You!

“I very much look forward to hopefully participating in more of your workshops in the future. I learned so much at the Herbal Baby and you one! And my lil man’s thrush went away so quickly using the gentian violet! Thanks for the tip!” ~ Lean DeLuzio