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We are continuously seeking to promote a holistic approach to community wellness through traditional herbal wellness, plant based remedies, and holistic health education. The roots of Mountain Song are based in the idea that true healing and health begin by cultivating the knowledge and wisdom which lie deep within the spirit of all individuals, including YOU!

            ~Mountain Song Herbals

   The Farm

Our foundation began in 2004 with the purchase of a small homestead farm. We believe in living a life that nurtures and builds balanced relationships with plants, animals, people, place, and spirit.

While Mountain Song Herbals is now fully mobile, traveling around the country and sharing our Tea Shop and Apothecary with others, we are ever aware and thankful for our roots being planted in the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains and our growth as we reach many around the country.


Mountain Song Herbals officially started as an LLC in 2010, when Sam realized that along with her family friends and neighbors, perhaps others could benefit from the herbal formulas she had been crafting and fine-tuning for nearly a decade. The answer from her community was an overwhelming yes.

Inspired by her first mentor, a wonderful Appalachian herbalist, midwife and mother; along with the encouragement of her family, friends and neighbors, Sam began the journey of opening Mountain Song Herbals.

A Friend to All

Mountain Song Herbals is a Friend (Quaker) owned company which also means that we are doing our best as a business to work in the spirit of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality and Stewardship. Striving to practice right relation with creation and make business decisions in the way of Friends(Quakers) has been a deeply nourishing and amazing experience.

If we better studied and understood God’s creation, this would do a great deal to caution and direct us in our use of it. For how could we find the impudence to abuse the world if we were seeing the great Creator stare us in the face through each and every part of it?

~ William Penn


Family & Community

We are a community-based, family-centered small business, and we would not be where we are today without the support of so many people in our local and traveling communities. People who have been the path pavers for us to reach beyond our local and into our national community via online avenues. People who have helped us take our lively ideas and turn them into beautiful, professional eye-catching labels and have stood by us from the beginning and through the hard times. We can not count the endless line of people who are a part of the Mountain Song Herbals support team in so many ways. Either through physical work, emotional support, Spiritual guidance, professional and legal support, financial support, volunteer educators, students, interns, apprentices, customers, and those that serve as reflective mirrors to help us grow. They have all been instrumental in the health and growth of Mountain Song Herbals and are deeply appreciated. This truly has been a community effort to create. So a special thanks to everyone along the way for believing and supporting us with your Love.

The little unremembered acts of kindness and love are the best parts of a person’s life.”

~William Wordsworth

The Roots of our Formulas

Regardless of where we are going, we know where our roots came from and we feel that is an important aspect of what has shaped this business into what we are today and what we will continue to grow into.

Since 1999 Traditional Appalachian Herbalism has been the foundation. We continue to support traditional methods of ethically growing, cultivating, harvesting and processing.

Here at Mountain Song Herbals the root of Traditional Appalachian Herbalism is also in the way we do things. We use herbal formulas that are passed down to us and created through spending time listening and learning from the people and plants we encounter and live with. We have learned through apprenticeships, community gatherings, general daily life and living. We were blessed to have these traditions passed to us by other herbalists and Cunning Folk who continue passing the knowledge down from one generation to the next. Every day people who know the value in this is far deeper then the deepest well and how important it is to continue being passed on.

Traditional Appalachian Herbalism means that we listen and observe what the soil, plants and seasons share. It is not surprising that we have had bumper crops of herbs like mullein, elecampane or elderberry only to find that the fall and winter would bring large needs for respiratory support. Or that the teasel root was thick and plentiful just when Lyme disease began its torrent.

Being Stewards and spending time with plants, works to build relationships and deepen our understanding of them as they grow, when it is time to draw on them to support our body. We often feel that we simply need to learn how to listen. With thoughtful prayer and expectant waiting we strive to walk in humble service caring for others along the way. Sam’s first mentor Kathryn, a wonderful granny midwife and herbalist showed her the depth one can learn simply by being with and listening to the life cycle of a plant. Traditional Appalachian Herbalism is a deep passion here at Mountain Song Herbals. It is where we began and is part of where we draw from as we continue to learn, listen, grow, serve and pass down our knowledge to the next line of people who feel called to carry it.

“At the End of Life we shall be Judged by love”

~ St. John of the Cross



Love is the main ingredient in all of our products; don’t believe me? Just look at our labels. It might sound a little strange, but love is what keeps us doing what we do.

“One generation plants the trees; another gets the shade”

~ Chinese proverb

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