Skin Revive Oil

I have naturally dry, yet acne-prone skin. Many skin treatments focus on drying out acne spots but I’ve found I need just the opposite! This oil blend is the most nourishing, gentle, healing product I’ve ever put on my face. A tiny, tiny drop moisturizes my entire face and the 1 oz bottle lasted me months of daily application! It also smells fantastic. I can’t recommend this enough.



I love your headache oil. My husband & daughter get migraines with weather changes, and another daughter had Lyme Disease several months ago, so we really were thankful to have a natural remedy that worked so well for them!

Christina B, Floyd, VA.

I have been taking “Keep It Together Connective Tissue Tea” regularly for a couple of weeks now, and I feel it has made a real difference in my ache and pain situation.  It is a delicious combination of herbs, and a very soothing way to start the day.  In addition, it has the benefit of not being a diuretic, which is very appreciated by me!  Thanks for this delightful formula.